Rashad Younger

2nd Vice President, Rocky Mountain NAACP State Conference CO-MT-WY

Rashad Younger is a native of Denver, Colorado. He graduated from Marquette University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism.
Mr. Younger serves as the 2nd Vice President and Press Secretary of the Rocky Mountain NAACP State Conference. With his work with the NAACP, Mr. Younger has a passion to assist Black People and disenfranchised groups with accomplishing their God-giving human rights. Mr. Younger has been in service to the NAACP for 7 years and is fired up to continue to help those in need.

Mr. Younger also has served as a board member of Park Hill Strong. A community organization to help prevent Youth Violence.
As a youth basketball coach with St. James Catholic School, Mr. Younger works to assist young girls with the development of basketball skills, discipline, and teamwork.

Mr. Younger is the President and CEO of Younger Enterprise Services, where he helps families with financial services and insurance needs. He has more than 12 years’ experience and enjoys helping families with protecting and accomplishing their financial goals.
Mr. Younger Attends Zera Israel, the church is centered around teaching God’s divine word and spreading the love of Yahshua (Jesus) our King and Messiah to the world.

Mr. Younger is a proud father and is known as a “girl’s Dad”. He enjoys time with his beautiful daughter, whether it be coaching her basketball team or traveling around the world.