Marlo Alston

Political Action & Civic Engagement Committee Chair, Rocky Mountain NAACP State Conference CO-MT-WY

Representing Centennial, Colorado, District 4, Council Member Marlo Alston.

Council Member Alston is a strong advocate for the City’s newly formed Public Safety Advisory Group. She also provides a critical voice regarding public safety and justice for all.

Efficient, effective and transparent governance while simultaneously being responsive and accountable is the type of leader she is. Mental Health, Housing, and Economic impacts are topics Council Member Alston conquers while bringing her compassion, understanding, innovation, and experience.

Marlo is a writer who dedicates time advocating for others when not binging the latest show or movie. She has been a member of the NAACP for many years and a civil rights advocate since her early years as a teenager, using her voice in meaningful manners when and where she believes injustices are being done.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University of Denver. Her passion is in nonprofit work, where she is a Community Relations and Development Manager.