Dwight Thompson

Web Developer, Rocky Mountain NAACP State Conference CO-MT-WY

Owner/Operator - My Denver Web Design

A graduate of the University of Denver (DU), Dwight Thompson is a highly skilled and experienced Communications Director and Senior Web Developer Specialist at Rocky Mountain NAACP. With his expertise in digital implementation strategies, he strengthens the organization’s brand and elevates its local and national visibility for the regional state conference. Dwight demonstrates exceptional leadership in both internal organizational messaging and external communications.

As a strategic storyteller, Dwight has played a pivotal role in driving the organization’s narrative. He excels in content creation, editing, proofreading, and posting, while ensuring strict adherence to NAACP approved brand standards. Dwight’s ability to build strong relationships with all branches enables him to identify and craft engaging content and messaging that effectively showcases Rocky Mountain NAACP’s impact in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. Moreover, he ensures that the messaging aligns seamlessly with the National overall mission, vision, and organizational strategy.

In addition to his role at Rocky Mountain NAACP, Dwight is a talented web developer, organic and technical SEO expert, professional musician, and dedicated work-at-home father. He specializes in serving small to mid-size companies and nonprofits, providing them with top-notch web development services at affordable rates. Dwight’s commitment to helping his clients compete and stay relevant online is unparalleled.

Dwight is the business owner of My Denver Web Design, where he focuses on providing web design, SEO, and social media support to small to medium-sized businesses, restaurants, churches, schools, artists, musicians, politicians and creative institutions with the intent to “lift all boats.” With expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C#, SQL, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, PayPal, Stripe, Merchant Accounts, Google Workspace, Microsoft Tools, and E-commerce, Dwight helps community-minded clients compete and stay relevant in an ever-changing online environment.

With his exceptional skills, leadership, and dedication, Dwight Thompson is a valuable asset to Rocky Mountain NAACP and any organizations he serves.

Dwight is also an accomplished bassist, having received a bachelors in Jazz and Commercial Performance from the University of Denver, serving as the bassist for the QE2 Orchestra from 2005 – 2008 and performing with international legends from multiple genres in the United States and the Caribbean. He currently performs with the After Midnight Jazz Band, SuperMagick, and the Mike Maurer Band in the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond.