Sustainable & Equitable Environments Program

State to Federal Climate Spending

Identifying, ensuring, and communicating environmental justice pipelines for black and low income communities.
  • Education through webinars, roundtables, and training sessions
  • Advocation through coalition building, public commenting
  • Community building through relationship fostering, partnership with BIPOC leaders, and event hosting

Building Electrification

Educating and bolstering opportunities for low-income communities to electrify their homes and businesses.
  • Hosting roundtables to help local communities retrofit their homes
  • Spreading word to low-income communities about electrification opportunities
  • Advocacy through coalition participation, public commenting, and momentum building

Sustainable Transportation

Help clean energy transformation on the ground while prioritizing programs that advance justice and support to sustain strong EPA regulations.
  • Identify opportunities to engage black communities in Colorado in air quality rule making
  • Educate disproportionately impacted communities about the health implications of transportation pollution and possibilities surround EVs

Water Conservation

Ensuring Black and low-income communities access to safe water.
  • Education around water conservation in homes and policy
  • Advocating for cleaner water sources and conservation/restoration of these sacred areas

Public Health Equity

Promoting equitable health benefits including reducing impacts of air pollution.
  • Advocating for reducing carbon dioxides, nitrogen oxides, radon, and more
  • Educating about impacts and severity of air pollution and other public health concerns

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