NAACP Rocky Mountain State Area Conference Endorses Props 125 and 126 in Colorado to Support Small Businesses and Delivery Workers

Oct 25, 2022

Colorado – Today, the Rocky Mountain State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) endorsed Propositions 125 and 126, proposed constitutional amendments that would permit the sale of wine in grocery stores and support Colorado’s local businesses and delivery workers by allowing the third-party delivery of alcoholic beverages.

Creating this opportunity for local business owners would generate economic benefits for communities across the state. Orders with alcohol are of higher value on average than orders without it. That means Prop 126 would open new opportunities for increased revenue for local businesses and higher earnings potential for workers. Many merchants and delivery workers in Colorado come from communities of color, and Prop 126 would provide them with greater opportunities to increase their earning potential.

Prop 126 ensures that third-party alcohol delivery, already in place in more than 30 states, would be done for the safety of consumers and communities. Delivery platforms would be strictly regulated by the Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) and required to certify drivers with alcohol delivery education that meets LED’s standards. Companies would also be required to verify customer identification before any delivery can be completed to ensure alcohol deliveries are only made to adults 21 or over.

Portia Prescott, president of the NAACP Rocky Mountain State Area Conference, said, “Our decision to endorse Props 125 and 126 in Colorado was one where we balanced the desire to improve our access to economic improvement with our moral obligation to support our community. We want to provide all Coloradans equal opportunity to grow and prosper while ensuring that our communities are not harmed. These proposals, with their built-in safety objectives, would advance that goal.” Prescott added, “Our businesses are still rebounding from the toll COVID-19 took on the economy, and we believe this will provide them the boost they need while ensuring strict safety enforcement.”

Portia Prescott
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